Dr. Coll's comments

Dympna Coll MD

“Women are sometimes reluctant to tell their doctor about incontinence. They think it is normal aging. Today there are many treatments that can dramatically improve a woman’s lifestyle by correcting incontinence.”

Women who have urinary incontinence may leak urine often. They may have to wear a pad to keep from wetting their clothes. Some women with incontinence feel such a strong desire to urinate that they cannot control it.

A woman with urinary incontinence may also have other symptoms:

  • Urgency – A strong desire to urinate, whether or not the bladder is full. This often occurs along with pelvic discomfort or pressure, as well as fear of leakage or fear of pain
  • Frequency – Urinating more than every 2 hours or more than 7 times per day.
  • Nocturia – The need to urinate 2 or more times during hours of sleep
  • Dysuria – Painful urination
  • Enuresis – Bed-wetting or wetting while sleeping

NA-Focus-IncontinenceThe doctors at Novas, Dohr, Coll & Gadson Ob/Gyn Associates & Medical Spa are specially trained to evaluate and treat women with urinary incontinence. Treatment may involve medications, behavior modification, physical therapy, special devices or surgery.