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May 1, 2020

Coronavirus and Pregnancy update from your OBGYN providers:

Last week, we announced via email a limited offer of Coronavirus testing performed in our office, and had an overwhelming response! We have adjusted the testing for the safety and service to our patients and staff.

Please note if you have shortness of breath, we will recommend sending you to the emergency room for evaluation. If you have at least 2 symptoms AND history of high risk contact – i.e., health care worker, grocery worker, family member positive, we will try to get you an appointment for the Hospital drive-thru testing. Please note availability of testing changes day-to-day. You may be advised to self-isolate for mild symptoms without the ability to get testing. If you are pregnant, you will be tested just before you are ready to deliver at the hospital - now required by Good Shepherd Hospital and St. Alexius Hospital. You will also be tested thru the hospital drive-thru if you are having elective surgery.

The testing in our office is meant to help our current patients get testing who do not qualify for the hospital drive-thru. That would be someone who was exposed but with no current symptoms.

All our current patients who are candidates for office testing will have a tele-health visit with the doctor within 48 hours of their appointments, to verify your symptoms and exposure risk. Testing will be performed after office hours thru a back, separate entrance and back room. We will perform an antibody blood test first, and then the Doctor will do the nasopharyngeal swab. Results take 2-4 days, and the Doctor will do a phone or video call with you for your results. Part of the care is a thorough review of your risks and preventive measures for coronavirus.

Cases are still on the way up in our area. This is probably due more to more available tests. We recommend social distancing, masks, wash hands frequently and don’t touch the “t zone” of your face. Avoid getting together with grandparents or youngsters – try Zoom, Facetime, etc.. The shelter in place order is through June 1. Elective surgeries are back after May 15. Infertility offices are restarting cycles for their patients. Our office hours are returning to normal, with social distancing – open till 7 pm Mon - Thurs, Friday 9-4, Sat 9-12. Our spa should be fully open June 1. We are continuing social distancing, masks, thorough cleaning and spaced out appointments in our office.

Our Obstetric patients will be tested just before delivery through the hospital. Moms are allowed one support person, and they cannot come and go from the hospital. Masks are required. Meals will be served. Moms must take care of their baby, breastfeeding gives healthy antibodies to baby and is encouraged. Continue masks, hand washing, don’t touch your face or baby’s face to prevent transmission. It is not recommended to separate Mom from baby if Mom is positive without symptoms. Please be aware n95 masks are most protective, then surgical masks. Cloth masks are not as effective but can be washed and reused, conserving protective gear.

Vitamins, Vitamin C, D, Zinc, going outside and getting some sun, sleeping, exercising and eating well will help your immune system and help to protect you from the Virus. Don’t overdo vitamin doses. We can check levels of Vitamin D so you have a normal level.

We are available 24-7 for our patients – we are here to help advise you and guide your health care. Our tele-health and phone visits are now HIPAA compliant through a secure APP. Call us to schedule!

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