Coronavirus Update

July 1, 2020

Coronavirus and Pregnancy update from your OBGYN providers:

New at NDC&G: Partner to join in on limited OB visits
As COVID-19 case numbers have dropped in our area, we do still continue to have new cases. Restrictions open up, we are getting to some hot months where people are more likely to sit inside for air conditioning – this could increase the virus.  We know more about the virus, know that 6 foot social distancing, masks and not going out with a cold, cough or sneeze reduces spread.  Washing hands and using hand sanitizer is also helpful. Avoid indoor small areas for prolonged periods, public transportation, elevators should be limited to 2-3 people.

We are now allowing partners to come in to the office for selected visits as needed: specifically the new ob visit, 20 weeks ultrasound, and third trimester ultrasound.  Be aware your partner will be screened with questions, must wear a mask and will have his/her temperature taken.  We are not allowing more than one person – no children. And if your partner prefers not to come – that is OK!  That will help prevent spread and help our office social distance better.  We also note that a one-on-one visit between you and your doctor can be much better in terms of connecting and communicating. We are happy to accommodate with a Facetime call to connect with your partner during the visit or a quick recording of the ultrasound or heartbeat.

Our ultrasound room is equipped with a HEPA filter.  We take all precautions on masks, cleaning, screening and reducing office flow.  When your ultrasound is done, be aware you are in a small room for about one hour, which increases chance of transmission for you and/or our providers.  Generally, that is why partners were not joining on visits.

Hospitals are still screening everyone.  Pregnancy is not a time to get this virus – mothers/babies are a bit higher risk in pregnancy and 6 weeks post partum.  Keep that in mind – avoid travel and exposure during pregnancy and post partum. If you test positive on admission to labor and delivery, recommendations are to isolate you from your baby – another reason to reduce exposure. We will be your advocates to help you be able to breastfeed safely and bring your baby home with you should you test positive and do not have symptoms.  Breastfeeding is important for newborn wellness.

Call us with any questions or concerns-we are your healthcare advocates!

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