Jeanne Novas MD

Vaccines are now open to all residents 16 and older in Illinois!  We encourage you to get your vaccine!  Those of you who have had Covid in the last 90 days or less may want to wait. Side effects (more than just arm pain) from the vaccine are stronger in women, and now have been reported to occur in 50% of recipients, higher by the second shot.  These side effects are annoying but do not take you to the hospital – -typically treated with Tylenol®. 

If you are pregnant, consider the shot in your second trimester.  Side effects would be better tolerated than by mother and baby. Antibodies go to baby across the placenta, and in breast milk.

We are still restricting visitors to your office appointments except for 1 visitor for your 4 main ultrasounds in your prenatal care.  The hospitals allow only 1 visitor, who now can come and go.  All staff and patients are temperature and questionnaire screened, all staff have generally been vaccinated or have antibodies.

We still recommend social distancing, masks, and continue to screen all patients, staff and visitors to our office with questionnaires and temperature checks.  Our staff is either vaccinated or has antibodies.  We are cleaning surfaces between patients.  We continue to offer in-office testing for our patients, both antibody blood tests, rapid nasal and routine nasal swab testing.

All of our services are fully open, and we do offer virtual visits as is appropriate and/or requested by the patient.

There are anecdotal reports of women having heavier, longer, more painful periods after vaccination.  Do not plan your mammogram or colonoscopy till 4-6 weeks AFTER your vaccine, due to possible inflammation in lymph nodes.

Vaccines are available at hospitals, pharmacies, county clinics, and certain box stores like Costco and Meijers.  We can write you a note but otherwise the physician does not play a role in ordering the vaccine.  You must “sign up” on apps, or call the center.  We have signed up to have the vaccine for administration but have not been supplied.

Numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are WAY down, even as new cases may persist.  Travel is allowed, but be aware foreign countries/U.S. territories may require testing and quarantines-stick to the U.S.A.

Again, we do encourage the vaccine, social distancing, and masks for all while we continue to have new cases, even though the death and hospitalization rate is way down.

Be sure to come in for your annual preventive care appointment, and don’t delay your care.


Jeanne Novas, MD