COVID-19 Update August 2021

Jeanne Novas MD

We recommend vaccination for our patients who do not have medical contraindication. If you have had test-proven Covid-19 you do have immunity. Antibodies are typically present from day 21-180, but you have ongoing immunity from your B and T white blood cells as well, probably for many years. We do NOT recommend the vaccine if you had Covid less than 90-180 days prior. Some situations such as school, work, travel and certain venues may request vaccination.

Pregnancy and postpartum lowers your immune system and you may get “sicker” if you get Covid. We recommend vaccination anytime, but side effects may be easier to tolerate in the second trimester. We now have more data on the vaccine in pregnant women, and therefore recommend it. If you also have other risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and advanced maternal age, you could get very ill with Covid in pregnancy and postpartum.

The vaccine is safer than driving a car. Most patients get mild arm vaccine site pain. About half of patients get other symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, fevers and headaches, that last 24-48 hours. Tylenol® and fluids are recommended.

The current American vaccines are still effective against the newer Delta variant. This variant is more contagious, but since our more at-risk population is vaccinated, we see mostly mild cases in the unvaccinated never-infected groups, which are younger.

Those of you who choose to not vaccinate, or have contraindications, take precautions with hand washing, social distancing and masks. Children statistically get sick less often which is reassuring, however, they can get sick and communicate the virus; and until we have a vaccine for children less than 12, please use proper mitigation strategies. Schools, medical settings and travel continue to require masks.

Unfortunately, one bad outcome is publicized and causes misunderstanding of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. It is not 100%, but much safer than driving a car for example. We do recommend the vaccine if you have no contraindications, are 12 years old or more, and have not had positive Covid testing and illness. Most patients will either get the vaccine or get Covid, as we continue in this Pandemic. Adults are 60% vaccinated, and probably 15% have had Covid in the USA.

Our office continues to offer testing and consultation regarding Covid and the vaccine. Government testing and vaccinations are readily available in most pharmacies, hospitals and some big box stores, by appointment.



Jeanne Novas, MD