Coronavirus and Pregnancy update from your OBGYN providers:

Good news for our pregnant patients! All patients who test positive for Covid 19 and are asymptomatic will NOT be separated from their babies. You will be encouraged to breastfeed safely to best protect your baby. If mom or baby are sick, they may be isolated. Your partner will be provided three meals a day from the hospital cafeteria or they can have food delivered from food services or family. Coming and going from the hospital is discouraged, but can be considered.

Test kits are a bit less available as they are being sent to the current higher-risk states like Texas and Florida. We are still offering screening to our asymptomatic patients. IDPH drive-thru testing sites are still operating for anyone who wants a test - no changes.

We still advise traveling with caution and weigh risks and benefits for your activities and outings during pregnancy and postpartum. We are happy to answer any questions you may have - phone visits can be scheduled with the doctors, but also we are there to discuss at your OB visit.

Jeanne Novas, MD