COVID-19 Update 5/28/21

Jeanne Novas MD

Now that we are at or near herd immunity with COVID-19, we can relax some of our policies. However, be aware health care facilities are still being held to higher restrictions, and we still have cases.

As of now over half of our population is vaccinated, and probably another 20% have had the virus with or without symptoms and testing. There are other strains of the virus but we still seem to have some immunity. Severity of symptoms is affected by viral load so keep in mind your exposure. Those of you who have not had covid and have not been vaccinated still could get very sick and/or pass it to those more vulnerable in our population. We still have cases in the hospital, some who are very sick. Take precautions accordingly. We may have a “booster” vaccine in the fall.

We will now take temp only as part of your routine initial exam. We will allow one visitor with you if you need assistance, and for your main pregnancy ultrasound visits. We will still require masks. Hospitals also have the same policies. Hospitals are still testing all patients at the hospital.

We will still screen our patients either online or by phone. At the office, part of your medical visit will be to take your “Covid” history, and counsel you on it.

We recommend vaccines for most of our patients 12 and older. In pregnancy, the best time would be in the second trimester. Baby gets antibody through the placenta and in breast milk, so a vaccine post partum while breast feeding can also be considered. Women do have more side effects with the vaccine than men. Approximately 85% have arm pain/minor symptoms, and 55% have more fatigue, headache, fever, rash typically lasting 1-3 days. Do not get the vaccine if you had covid in the past 90 days, or have certain autoimmune disease/other reasons as discussed with your primary care provider.

For now, travel to other countries can be regulated by requiring vaccines or testing, and possible quarantine.

More unmasked people will be out and about. If you are vaccinated or had covid, no need to worry. Some may feel better just getting vaccinated to feel safer. Young people typically do not get sick enough to require a medical visit. Just be aware there are others who may not be able to receive a vaccine, or are at risk. They should still be “careful” and mask/social distance.

Any specific questions you may have, call us – we do offer virtual or phone consults with the docs.


Jeanne Novas, MD