COVID-19 Update 2/19/2021

Jeanne Novas MDCases of COVID-19 are dropping, we are at “Phase 4” with some opening of public restrictions in Illinois, and the vaccine has been given to all health care workers/staff and senior living facilities. Seniors are the next group to be vaccinated. We urge you to sign up via app for your vaccine through “Advocate Aurora Health Living Well” app, your county health department, pharmacy or grocery store.

We are taking a list of our patients by age and risk factors for in-office vaccination in March, hopefully the Johnson & Johnson single shot. We will be following CDC guidelines as to who gets it and how it is administered.

Those who have already had COVID-19 or still have positive antibodies should hold off on vaccination. Call us for consultation and testing.

Pfizer and Moderna “2 shot” vaccines have had the following side effects:

  • Arm pain: 85%
  • Fever, headache, fatigue, muscle pains, sinus: 55%

Side effects are worse with the second shot, and many miss a day or two of work. A small number of hospitalizations and even deaths have occurred after the vaccine. These have been tied to patients who already had COVID-19, and some very elderly/frail patients.

Approximately 10,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated and no concerning issues have been raised. Side effects of the vaccine or the infection could cause pregnant women to require supportive treatment. Pregnancy and postpartum is a small risk factor for COVID-19 severity – age and medical risk factors more significant. Visitation and testing policies in the hospitals for pregnancy have not changed. Our patients having GYN procedures can now have one visitor. All patients will be tested prior to hospitalization, and will be asked to “quarantine” for 2 days until they receive results.

COVID-19 will not be “eradicated”. We will likely have new strains and booster vaccines in the future, like the flu. Vaccines and history of COVID-19 infection are not 100% protection against infection. We must continue using masks and social distancing. Temperature checks and screening continue in our office.

We discourage travel outside of the US – other countries may restrict your arrival/return, and the US may do so without much notice. You are typically required to quarantine 14 days after travel outside the country.

Our office and medspa is fully open for ALL services, including facials, fillers and massage. Don’t delay your healthcare, whether it’s preventative or a problem visit. We continue to offer virtual visits for certain indications. Our dietician is available virtually.

We are here for you and your best health. Keep in touch!


Jeanne Novas, MD