Patient Education

Please refer to the online medical resources below for questions regarding your general health care needs.  Remember, online resources are not a substitute for medical care.  Please call our office if you have questions regarding a specific medical condition.



Watch the March of Dimes preterm labor video around 25 weeks of pregnancy to learn about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor.  Better understanding can improve outcome if you have that complication.

Open this link to the American College of OBGYN.  There you can find the most up to date information on hundreds of health care issues related to OBGYN.


Open our prenatal guide, written by our doctors.  A helpful supplement to the standard pregnancy books.  Check it out---your questions may be answered right here.  It will help you learn about our practice and what to expect in the following nine months.

Our patients recieve, "Your Pregnancy and Childbirth", a month to month guide to pregnancy written by America's top OBGYNs through the American College of OBGYNs.


Mirena® is an FDA-approved intrauterine device (IUD) that is recommended for women who’ve had a child.

Paragard® is birth control that’s more than 99% effective and lasts for up to 10 years.

NEXPLANON is a small, soft, and flexible birth control implant placed discreetly under the skin on the inside of your upper arm.

Our Office also provides information on alternative therapies for menopause, PMS and anxienty.